Wow, 2018 already? One entire year of Tank Kingdom, my very own corner of the web. An awesome ride, allowing me to share this fantastic hobby with close friends, Reddit buddies and other random people deciding to spend some time looking over my work.

New Branding

logo-bg v2

You might have noticed the fresh coat of paint over the blog and the Facebook page. I updated the logo, adding a bit of weathering to the text and the red crown, in sync with the theme around here. At the same time, the written part of the logo should feel more “tanky”, by resembling some track marks on the ground. Less is more, as they say, so I think it should be good for now. Really happy with the final result.

New Tooling

The new year couldn’t have started any worse, modeling-wise. Fifteen minutes into applying a base coat, my airbrush just stopped and said “no more”. Splattering paint for 3-4 seconds, then refusing to spray anything else. Took it apart, cleaned it, soaked the various little pieces in airbrush cleaner, nothing worked. Having to choose between being bitter and not, I said “screw it” and decided to invest some money into a proper airbrush, as opposed to my Chinese low-end variant.

Iwata Eclipse HP CS

A couple of hours of research later, an order for the Iwata Eclipse HP CS was sent. One week later, here I am with a massive grin on my face after using it for the first time. The constant and consistent flow of paint, the amount of control you have over the spray, the robustness, the quality feel… just wow! I used to dread having to airbrush my models, but now I will be surely looking forward to it.

I’m not saying it’s the only good airbrush money can buy, there are probably others that knock its socks off. On the other hand, if you’re serious about your model building, you have some budget and haven’t done so yet, then maybe investing in a proper airbrush should be the next step for you to consider.

New-ish Kits

Sometime last year I took a decision that I plan on following in 2018 as well. With a pretty extensive stash at my disposal (you can check the sidebar link), I won’t be buying any other kits until I finish what I already got. Having said that, let me walk you through what I’m currently working on.


ARK Models 1/35 Grille

This is one of my earliest builds, waiting to be painted from 2016 or so. Right now it’s 90% done. The article about it? 10% done. Pretty bad kit from ARK Models, quite happy I managed to finish it. I’ll describe my pain later on.

Diorama with farm wall

This is a pretty cool edition from Mini-Art that I plan to combine with my Grille and some crew members to create a nice end-of-winter scene. Not a super high-quality kit, but it allowed me to exercise several new techniques. Status? 75% done. Coming soon to a blog near you.

M3 Stuart “Honey”

Academy 1/35 M3 Stuart “Honey”

This is quite frankly the cutest tank I’ve ever built. And it’s called “Honey”. I mean, how much more do you need? The kit has an interesting story, after seeing the back of a drawer for over a year, it allowed me to understand how much I managed to grow as a modeler over time. This thing is about 50% done, so it will be some time before it gets its own article.

PZL P-7 “Transylvanian Fighther”

MisterCraft 1/72 PZL P-7 “Transylvanian Fighther”

My first airplane kit. This was so interesting, basically a new mentality that you have to apply, coming for tank model after tank model. I’m planning somewhat of a surprise for this, so I won’t spoil anything.

That’s it for now. Quick little status update. Looking forward to a new fantastic year in modeling!