Time passes by when you’re building models. And oh, yes, have I been busy building stuff.

Wartime Ambulance

As I’ve mentioned in the last On the Bench post, I’ve got a 1/35 V3000S/SS M Maultier from ICM in progress. The build went great, a very high-quality kit. Instructions are a bit fuzzy, yes, especially around the suspension, but all in all, a pretty solid machine. Painting it a kaki brown shade, airbrush worked smoothly, no clogging, no nothing. I could really see the light at the end.

What comes after painting? Well, decals. of course. And oh, boy, was I in for a surprise! To put it mildly, the decals supplied with the kit are literally the worst I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They were so fragile, that they basically shredded to pieces the second I’ve tried to transfer them to the vehicle. Needless to say, they’re still eyeing me from the top of the bin.

What I’m left with now is a 1/35 ambulance with zero signs of it actually being an ambulance. Luckily, I was able to find another 1/35 kit that comes with some red crosses. Until I am able to buy it, though, my Maultier will get parked on the shelf.

Here’s some work in progress photos:

Cold War Groupbuild

Lucky me, though, I can always fall back to probably my favorite project yet, the M60 Blazer from Italeri. Boy is this thing a pleasure to work on. Fantastic build quality, 0 fit issues, huge amount of detail… just a great overall experience. I’ve currently finished painting and chipping it, I just have to seal the paint off, apply the decals, some weathering and call it a day.

A detailed post going through the entire process is on its way. Until then, some pictures should do. Before chipping:



After chipping and placing the tank in a diorama “draft”:


The Groupbuild should be submitted before July 15th, so I will be rushing through this beast so that I can give it a diorama home as well.

Mind the sprues and see you soon!