After the first article went up on the blog, detailing one of my favorite builds so far, the entry for the Battle of the Somme Groupbuild, I thought that I could occasionally do a round-up post about the current kits that are on the bench.

Apart from hoarding kits, I recently started developing another scale modeler illness: taking breaks in my projects, constantly starting new ones:

The Soviet Behemoth

1/35 Ark Models KV-2 (early version)

The KV-2 is the KV-2. If you proud yourself as a tank builder, you need to have a 152mm barreled monster in your collection. The kit itself was of horrible quality, yet somehow I managed to pull through it. The paint is not really historical, more of a fun mix. This one is almost finished, I don’t want to spoil anything, but expect an article this month detailing the build.

Wartime Ambulance

1/35 ICM V3000S/SS M Maultier with Shelter

This little vehicle is turning out to be an awesome build. The sprues are great, very few seam lines, here and there, otherwise the kit just builds itself. A pleasant first experience with ICM. I hear they have their stinkers in the market, but this one turned out to be a lucky one for me. Unfortunately, I did manage to make some mistakes along the way:

  • the engine compartment is a bit misshapen, luckily it’s hard to notice
  • the vehicle is not completely balanced between the front wheels and the tracks (it’s a bit front-heavy)
  • the knife slipped when cleaning the windshield (I turned the scratch into a full-on crack*)
  • the tracks are not saggy at all, although this is the fault of the kit, not mine. The parts provided by ICM have a long straight section for the top of the track, instead of individual track links

With this project, I decided to try my hand at painting it in sub-assemblies:

  1. the road wheels, the chassis and the tracks
  2. the front side (hood, headlights, dash and doors)
  3. the back side (seat, steering wheel and pedals)
  4. the rear compartment 

Following the “Poland, Autumn 1944” paint guide, I will tackle the rear compartment and the hood in a nicely weathered white color with red crosses all over the place. The rest will be mostly dunkelgelb (the correct one, closer to green than to yellow), except for the tracks which I want to muddy up.

This project posed another challenge for me. As you can probably see from the pictures, there are plenty of clear parts for windows and such… masking them stopped being fun quite quick. It’s no airplane canopy, but it’s close enough. The small glass panes will be painted using liquid latex.

What was your least favorite masking job so far?

* we don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents – Bob Ross