Few people know that 1916 holds the historical record of being the first year when tanks were deployed into combat.

Even fewer people know that they were referred to as being landships because nobody would take the time to find a suitable name for “an idea that will never work”. The shores of the river Somme would be the ones carrying these metal beasts into combat, into what would be later known as the Battle of the Somme.

100 years later, the awesome community on r/modelmakers started a group-build with a WWI theme for celebrating the actual french-soil battle. The group-build was scheduled to end in November. I missed the deadline, of course, but I will finish my submission soon.

Talking about my project, I plan on doing a post battle diorama, with a tank parked on top of a dirt mound and a medical crew taking care of a wounded soldier.

For this, I’m using two kits:

1/72 Master Box Mk I “Male” British Tank for the Somme Battle period, 1916
1/72 Zvezda British Medical Personnel 1939-1942

Of the bat, you could say that the WWII medical crew has no place on a WWI diorama. I agree with you, yet I am not that much into historical accuracy. Plus, by researching some photos, the uniform differences between the periods are minimal. 

The Tank

So far the tank went through a simple paint job. I used an airbrush for the base coat, afterwards applied some darker streaks with a large brush, to simulate mud. I did a crappy job on the British red-white stripes, but I plan on reducing the effects with weathering.

The Crew

This crew set is part of a Zvezda strategic board game. That white dot you see is me filling a hole intended for a flag. Why a hole? Well, you guessed it, it’s a snap-in kit. Quite good actually, as you can’t see any of the holes and pins. Fun build, I foresee a challenging paint job.

British medical crew

The Base

Not much so far, coming up in part 2 🙂